Room Dependencies

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This page is about the Menu  SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> ROOMS -> DEPENDENCIES

Rooms can be linked for the following functions:

1. Room availability dependant on another room.

2. Include bookings from another room into this room.

3. Assign a copy of bookings in this room to another room.

4. Rates from a room can be linked with or without a price offset to other rooms.

5. A room can use the prices from another room instead of it's own.

Setting room dependencies allows you to sell one physical room under multiple layouts. Examples are:

  • Selling room as two different room types i.e. double and twin.
  • Offering a holiday rental as a whole house or rent individual rooms.
  • Combining two rooms for example to a suite or rent them individually.
  • Having a room type on on OTAs like, Expedia and individual listings on other channels.
  • Selling a room as both a dorm or a private room.
  • Selling a room only if another room is not available.
Note: If you are using dependencies please test thoroughly to make sure your set up reflects your rules. If you are connecting one physical room more than once to a booking channel you are risking overbookings. 

Assigning Bookings

Bookings can be assigned into the original room or directly to another room.

They can also be assigned to the first available dependency room, in this case order the dependency rooms with the prefered rooms to place bookings at the top.

Another option allows bookings to be created with a copy of the booking placed in every dependency room.

Assigning Booking Copies

There are two ways to copy bookings into additional rooms.

The generally preferred way is to use the "Include bookings from" setting. This does not create a new booking, rather it creates a "shadow" copy of the booking in the additional room which maintains any modifications to the original booking.

The alternative is the "Assign a copy" setting. This creates a new booking in the room with the values from the original booking. Once created though, it is an independent booking and modifications to the original booking will not automatically apply to the copy. Modifications will need to be manually applied to all copies.

Multiple Properties

The setting SUB ACCOUNT >> MANAGE > ACCOUNT >> MANAGE PROPERTY >> "Room Linking" limits the visibility of inter-property and inter-account room linking for this property.

If this setting is set to PROPERTY ONLY then rooms in other properties will not be visible to this property.

If this setting allows linking to properties in other accounts, the rooms will be available for linking with the rights set in SUB ACCOUNT >> MANAGE > ACCOUNT >> MANAGE PROPERTY >> "Make Property Available in Multiple Accounts".

The setting SUB ACCOUNT >> MANAGE > ACCOUNT >> MANAGE PROPERTY >> "Make Property Available in Multiple Accounts" allows defining the visibility of the property in the control panel, inventory (price and availability) and bookings independently.