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Required skills: html, programming

You can create an interface to an external (not integrated) payment gateway.

The booker will be shown a button which will take them to the specified URL with the value from "Post Data" included as an HTML POST.

Both the URL and POST fields can contain template variables to include values from the booking.

A special template variable [PAYMENTAMOUNT] will contain the value of the deposit when booking and the value of the payment request when used for payment requests.

i.e. deposit=[PAYMENTAMOUNT]&bookid={BOOKID] will post fields deposit and bookid to the external gateway.

A notify URL is available for the external gateway to report a successful collection of the deposit.

The notify will add the deposit to the booking invoice and trigger updates to booking status and email notifications to guest and host.

The notify must post a key field with a value that matches to setting and contain at least 6 characters.

Notify URL

The notify should contain the following POST fields:
key = value in custom gateway key setting
bookid = the bookid of the booking
These POST fields are optional:
status = booking status, 0 (cancelled), 1 (confirmed), 2 (new), 3 (request)
amount = amount of the deposit collected
description = description of payment for invoice item
payment_status = status of payment for invoice item
txnid = unique id for this payment to prevent false duplicates