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This page is about the menu BOOKINGS

Add Bookings

Bookings are entered into the system by the following methods:

  • online by your guest using the availability calendars, booking buttons and booking page.
  • manually by yourself.
  • imported from other channels by the channel synchroniser.



"New" are bookings which have not been opened to view. Once you open them and save or update them the status will change to "Confirmed". In SETTINGS->ACCOUNT PREFERENCES you can set which status you want to apply to new bookings.

Add a new booking

Click on the ADD BOOKING Button on the top right. Alternatively you can add bookings in DASHBORARD -> ROOM GRID under INVENTORY.

Manage bookings

After clicking on BOOKINGS in the top menue you will see your bookings in a a CALENDAR view or LIST view. By default you will see all bookings from today. You can use the selector to view only certain bookings.

You can edit a booking by clicking on it to open the booking in a popup. When you open the booking you see several tabs:


The Info tab consists of a customizable summary of the booking information and a set of info items which can be attached to a booking.

The customizable summary can be created in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT -> PREFERENCES "Booking Info Template" using template variables

Preset info codes can be defined in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT -> PREFERENCES "Booking Info Code Presets "

Info codes can be added from the preset list. You can add manual notes.

The info code can be used in custom reports to show or hide selected bookings.

For example, if you use the code "CHECKEDIN" when guests check in and "CHECKEDOUT" when guests check out, you could create a custom reports to show custom reports by showing booking which include the info code "CHECKEDIN" and excluding those that have the info code "CHECKEDOUT".

If you want to hide the info tab go to SUB ACCOUNT (top right Menu) then click on "Manage Account" and add the phrase bookedit-info in "Hide menu pages"



FLAG can be used to flag bookings that require special attention. The flag text is displayed with the other booking fields within the control panel and the [FLAG] template variable can be used to display this text as "hovertext" when the mouse cursor is positioned over the flagged booking in the Calendar view.

Split can be used to split a booking for multiple rooms into separate bookings so each can be assigned to an individual room. All split bookings will be linked so they can be easily managed.


Charges and Payments

In the tab Charges and Payments you may enter more charges and payments manually.

  • Enter chargeable items or and payments. Click Recalculate to update the balance and enter a blank new row.
  • To remove an item check the remove box and click Recalculate.
  • The balance will be calculated and displayed for this booking in the booking summary.



In the tab INVOICE you print an Invoice

  • The invoice can also be printed with a message you can specify under SETTINGS -> GUEST MANAGEMENT -> INVOICE


You can also manage and create group bookings.

  • Changes have to be made in each individual booking



In the tab "Mail" you can send out the standard e-mails you have defined under GUEST MANAGEMENT



In the tab "Guests" tab you can see information from the guest database (GUEST in top menu)



The logs shows all changes which have been made.


Delete Bookings

Deleted bookings are permanently removed from the system and can not be restored.

Bulk Changes

To bulk change the status of bookings go to SUB ACCOUNT (top right menu) then click on "Manage Account" then "Manage Property" then "Manage Room".

To bulk delete bookings the status has to be changed to "Cancelled" first.


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