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This page is about the menu SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES


You have a choice on booking rules which define how bookings from your own web site are treated:

1. Automatically Confirmed online bookings

  • No Deposit - auto confirmed booking with no deposit

2. On Request Bookings - Bookings that have to be confirmed manually.

  • Request Only - booking to be confirmed manually

Additional rules you can set are:

  • Block the room - no availabilty will be shown for blocked rooms
  • Do not block the room

3. Collect credit card details to process the card manually through your own bank or merchant account

  • Request CC - request only with Credit Card collection
  • Collect CC - number collected but not charged

If you want to collect credit card number for security you can set the amounts under SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> CREDIT CARD COLLECTION

4. Online Deposit Collection

If you want to collect a deposit Payment you can define two different deposit payments. You can set the amounts under SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> PAYMENT COLLECTION

  • Deposit Payment 1 - auto confirmed with depostit payment
  • Deposit Payment 2 - auto confirmed with deposit payment

4. Black out Property

If you do not want to accept new bookings for a certain period (for example if you are closed for the season) you wan set a blackoout

  • Blackout period - no new bookings accepted

Hierarchy of Rules

The default booking rules for the whole property can be overridden

*by the booking rule for an offer set in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES -> OFFERS 
*the "Booking Type" set in the "Summary" tab of a rate can override the rule set in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES and the rule set in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES -> OFFERS


Booking Rules define the options and rules applying to all bookings or bookings within a certain period. You have following options:

  • Normal Bookings -the booking type for normal bookings. If a booking includes normal and near term dates the booking type will be as set for near term dates. If a booking includes normal and exceptional dates the booking type will be as set for exceptional dates.
  • Near Term Bookings - You can select how many days in advance to consider a near term booking and the style of booking completion for near term bookings. You may use a different strategy than your normal bookings. If a booking includes near term and exceptional dates the booking type will be as set for exceptional dates.
  • Exceptional Period Booking - The exceptional period is a period you can define to use a special booking style or blackout period. It includes all dates between the first and last night. This may be used to easily blackout a date range. Another example would be to only accept On Request bookings during the exceptional period while still accepting Automatic bookings at other times.

Spam Protection

You can protect yourself from spam via your booking page in SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> BOOKING RULES -> GUEST VERIFICATION

  • Set "On Screen Captcha code" to "Must be Entred" so your guests will have to enter a captcha code to proceed the booking
  • Set "Code Sent to Email Address" to "Must be Entred" and your guest will only be able to proceed the booking after they enter a code that has been automatically sent to them.


If you think the wrong booking rule is applied check your settings for:
Setting for "Booking Type" set in the "Summary" tab of your rates
If you have set different RULES for Normal Bookings and Near Booking - Deposit Collection :
SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES "Normal Booking" - Deposit Collection 1 - auto collection with deposit collection
SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES "Near Term Booking" - Deposit Collection 2 - auto collection with deposit collection
Also ensure you have SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES -> DAILY PRICING STRATEGY-> BOOKING TYPE = DEFAULT (set by property booking rules)