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Synchronising Bemar/ with Asiatravel



  • Bemar/ can export inventory.
  • Bemar/ can export rates.
  • Bemar/ can import bookings.
  • Bemar/ can import booking cancellations.
  • Importing cancellations can be disabled for individual bookings.

For details please click here


  • Only bookings made after the connection is established will be imported, existing bookings must be manually entered into Beds24 to block the dates.

Before you connect


Prices for "Extra Person", "Extra child" and discounts set in the "Discounts" tab of the rates can not be sent.


New Bookings are imported. Cancellations to bookings are also imported.

Existing bookings are not automatically imported when the connection is established and should be entered into Beds24 manually.

Extras and Taxes

"Upsell Items" can not be exported.

Rooms and room types

If you sell rooms individually at another channel or your own web site and want to sell them here as a "roomtype" with a quantity of more than one you can set up virtual roooms.

What you will need

  • Your AsiaTravel username
  • Your AsiaTravel password
  • Your AsiaTravel hotel id

Set Up


Send an Email to and inform them that you want to use Bemar/Beds24 channel manger.


  • Enter your AsiaTravel username, your AsiaTravel password and AsiaTravel hotel id


One Bemar/Beds24 room maps to one rate in Asiatravel.

  • Click on the "Get Code" link next to the Rate Plan Id setting.
  • Choose the AsiaTravel rate type id you want to map to each Beds24 room and click on it.
  • When the correc id has copied to the room type id setting, click Save.


  • Prices which are activated for AsiaTravel will be sent.
  • We can send a price for each occupancy you want to offer. Extra person prices can not be sent. If you use rates we can send a price for Single (1 guest), Double (2 guests) and a room price (for the number of guests you have defined in the rate ). If you have more than 3 occupancy levels you can set up additional rates in Bemar/Beds24 for each occupancy level using and map them in the channel settings of the rate or the daily price.


  • Tick "Inventory", "Prices" and "Bookings"
  • Save

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Check Connection

The connection is working if you are not receiving error messages and the display in the channel is correct. If you are receiving error messages check in the "Common Errors" section why you are receiving the error and how to fix it.


Changes to availability and prices will be instantly sent to the channel. Changes for other settings will send with the next update. Click on "Update" if you want to push them through instantly.

Price Multiplier

If you want to add a multiplier to your prices, for example because of a different currency to your Bemar/Beds24 currency, add a * followed by the multiplier number to your hotel id.

For example a hotel id setting 123456*12.34 will multiply all prices by 12.34 sent for hotel id 123456.

You can also use currency conversion template variable. All currencies supported by the booking page currency selector can be used.

For example *[CONVERT:IDR-EUR] will convert Indonesian Rupees to Euros.


Channel collect payments will be shown in the booking invoice if SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER -> “Import Channel Collect Payments” is set to “Yes”.

Common Errors

Any errors occurring during updates will be emailed to you with the error message as returned by AsiaTravel. Below are common error messages and how to fix them.


  • Unticking "Inventory" and "Prices" and "Bookings" will stop the synchronisation for a room.
  • To completely disconnect the channel manager you might need to contact AsiaTravel and ask them to disconnect you.